Moving To the Next Phase?

17 April 2020, Tallahassee, Florida - It's Still Not the Flu...

Q&A With an Infectious Disease Doctor

16 April 2020, Tallahassee, Florida - Everyone has questions. Our students have questions, our faculty and staff have questions. So we asked an expert.

New Content

8 April 2020, Tallahassee, Florida - A variety of new content has been published under "Posts".

Story Maps Added

3 April 2020, Tallahassee, Florida - We have added a Story Maps link to the main navigation. This is a collection of ArcGIS online resources regarding COVID-19 in one convenient location. Share the URL.

About this Site

31 March 2020, Tallahassee, Florida - This site is our public facing portal for information we feel is important for the public to see. Some of this material was created by our students and staff, while some was published by other organizations and we feel it has value. Everything here is curated based on the lens of an emergency manager - we don't pretend to be epidemiologists, statisticians, or modelers. We will annotate material as necessary to add clarity - and we will be transparent when doing that. Nothing on this site should be read as official guidance - follow the recommendations of your local emergency managers and authorities.

We began gathering information/data on SARS-nCoV-2019 and COVID-19 on January 21, 2020 by posting links, articles, etc. in a dedicated Slack channel. That effort grew quickly and evolved into a coordinated effort including the activation of FSU.VOST for the State of Florida. Our internal data gathering continues and both efforts will produce information that may have public value - hence this site.

Like everything we do, we strive to be impartial, apolitical, and honest. If you have questions, contact us.

This project site is created, curated and managed by the Center for Disaster Risk Policy (CDRP) at Florida State University. The Center for Disaster Risk Policy is an applied research center focused on best practices and technical assistance in the field of emergency management and homeland security.